The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

After a decade of silence... The buzzz is back!

Year of Release: 1986
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Rated: Unrated
Running Time: 101 minutes (1:41)
Director: Tobe Hooper


Dennis Hopper ... Lieutenant 'Lefty' Enright
Caroline Williams ... Vanita 'Stretch' Brock
Jim Siedow ... Drayton Sawyer - The Cook
Bill Moseley ... 'Chop-Top' Sawyer
Bill Johnson ... Leatherface 'Bubba' Sawyer
Ken Evert ... Grandpa Sawyer
Lou Perryman ... L.G. McPeters
Joe Bob Briggs ... Gonzo Moviegoer (scenes deleted)
Tobe Hooper ... Man in hotel corridor (uncredited)


For a decade, Texas Ranger Lefty Enright has sought to avenge the brutal murder of his kin by the cannibalistic Sawyer family - Leatherface, Chop-Top, Cook and Grandpa. With the help of a radio DJ who's also bent on putting an end to the terror, Lefty finds his way to the Sawyers' underground butchershop, where a battle of epic proportions soon rages... and the line between good and evil gets chopped into bits!


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, remindin' us that you just can't keep a good guy down. At least not when he's got a schizophrenic twin brother with a hubcap from a 1949 Mercury Cosmopolitan where his skull used to be, who'll lug 'im around like Jeff Dunham to scare the tar outta yuppies. An speakin' of people who're gettin' carried, Tobe Hooper really aughta sue Ted Kotcheff now that I think about it, cause Weekend at Bernie's pretty much stole its entire premise from watchin' Bill Moseley totin' Ed Neil's corpse around like Gepetto if Pinocchio had been made by Jorg Buttgereit. This is what they do, ya know. Hollywood I mean. They take a perfectly good gore movie made for people like us, pick out the innovative parts, an cast a coupla pretty boys to frame around 'em. It'd be one thing if it was another horror movie borrowin' some ideas, cause that's a sign of respect, or an at least an admission of intent to regurgitate. But Hollywood has a tendency to take a greasy dump on our kinda movies while quietly pickin' out the themes they can use to make some kinda sensitive, poignant crapoloa alleged to have deeper meanin' an then claimin' those ideas for themselves. I know what I'm talkin' about here, I've seen this kinda thing happen first-hand. Like this one time a few years back me an Duke Tankersley spent a coupla days tryin' to weld together these two old culvert pipes we found out at the landfill so we could wedge 'em into the crotch of this old birch tree an use 'em for a bunk bed tree stand to get the jump on the elk out at... just never you mind where, that's *my* spot. But anyway, the pipes worked flawlessly for keepin' the rain offa ya, only problem was that the snorin' caused an echo louder'n the ringin' in your head when you accidentally sat up too fast in the middle of the night, an made everything in the area more suspicious than a John with a hooker who still has all of 'er teeth. So we ended up just tossin' 'em out on the front yard between some rolls of chicken wire an the engine outta the Lawn-Boy, an pretty much forgot about it til these guys dressed like accountants who ride around town on bikes all day readin' scripture to people who're too groggy from goin' out drinkin' the night before an bein' woken up at 7:30 in the AM to hear a word they're sayin', saw 'em an asked what I wanted for 'em. Seems the old Ponderosa pine out front that I use to sight-in my .243 dripped a buncha pitch all over 'em an made a perfect image of Jehovah an so all these guys wearin' hats that look like gift baskets from the crafts store showed up an started standin' around tryin' to figure out whether the situation constituted a miracle. See what I'm sayin' here? Not six months before, these same guys were tryin' to get the city to haul 'em away claimin' they were "eye sores." Nose sores, sure, but that was only after you'd bolted up in the middle of the night after bein' startled awake by your own snorin' thinkin' a cougar'd gotten in the pipe with ya. I showed 'em though. Waited til they were all out front prayin' to the pipe Gods an gave 'em away for free to a coupla stoned teenagers who wanted to get inside of 'em an roll 'em down that really steep hillside at the shootin' range. It's 11 'o clock, churchies, do you know where your idol is?

But more to the point, TCM 2 hasta be the greatest horror flick ever made to bring together the entire cast of villains from the original, even after one of 'em got mashed by a semi truck an pretty well rotted til he started lookin' like a can of Hormel Chili that got misplaced an left in the cab of a 1976 Jeep CJ5 for 18 years after a campin' trip. So, tough as it was to pick out just three things that I learned about Texas, I've narrowed the contestants to a field of three and will now submit them for your consideration. First, people say everything's bigger in Texas, but you just watch what happens when a coupla yuppies drivin' a little foreign tuna can of a vehicle try playin' chicken with an oncomin' truck sportin' a "Don't Mess with Texas" bumper sticker. Truck turns tailgate quicker'n a Frenchman at a German fireworks display. Course, the guys in the truck did come back later an saw off the driver's head with a Stihl 084 AV, but I still maintain that a certain level of credibility was lost in this incident. Second, when a Texas saw salesman sees a customer swingin' a tool around like Vlad Putin at a G8 conference an tearin' through the wood like Lorena Bobbitt after watchin' I Spit on Your Grave, he can't hardly contain his glee. Cause he knows without a shadow of a doubt, that if the guy doesn't saw off his own arm tryin' to thin out his cactus patch, he's got himself a customer for life. An third, if you planned to make it in the Texas B-B-Q game in the 1980s, you damned well better have had a car phone to keep abreast of any sudden shifts in the political chili climate. Back then, you could get muscled outta the B-B-Q racket real easy livin' in a state with that many roided-out high school football players who never made it to the University of Texas an had nothin' to fall back on but workin' as hired goons or cleanin' up road kill an then tryin' use it to hock armadillo skin bandanas on the side of the highway.

This one really got me thinkin' though. Thinkin' about the pros and cons of usin' a 2-handed saw with a 36" bar, or duel weildin' 16" saws when goin' into battle against whacked out cannibals livin' underneath a Battle of San Juan Hill themed amusement park. In the movie, Dennis Hopper, despite seein' the benefits of both combat styles an purchasin' two trimmers an a big boy, eventually rides into combat with the two hander due to its superior reach. Now, while I happen to concur with Dennis' choice for the particular situation he was steppin' into, there is no simple answer as to which fightin' style is the best, there's simply too many variables for me to nail down any one solution as definitively advantageous. There's a lot to consider before you go chargin' in with throttles roarin', an first and foremost is prolly just how many tweakers you're up against an what they're bringin' to the fight. We'll assume no guns for this particular scenario, because as everybody already knows, when there's a gun on the other side of the conflict, you always run with the duel wield boomstick/buzzsaw gauntlet combo pioneered by Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness. But back to what I was sayin', when you've got more'n about eight or more of these gorillas tryin' to gnaw off your banana, you'll wanna consider the two saw method. You're simply better equipped to keep your blindside guarded while simultaneously havin' lighter tools to swing in all directions when the creepolas're tryin' to chew off your finger steaks. However, there is a limit to how long you can keep both saws shreddin' dependin' on the throttle placement, cause eventually even Scott Steiner's forearms're gonna run outta gas if you've got an endless tide of potatoes avalanchin' down on ya. I'm of the opinion that once the meth heads reach about 22, you go with the 2-hander in case they try the Ali rope-a-dope method of tirin' you out.

The 2-hander also grants superior reach and less brain work since you won't be havin' to figure out where each saw's gotta be at all times an whether or not you need 'em fully throttled to keep you from bein' snacked on like a sentient Slim Jim. Now, you might be wonderin' why havin' the throttle blazin' on full makes a difference, well, gas consumption for one thing. Ever played Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Atari 2600? Course you haven't. But if you had, you'd realize that fuel runs out eventually. Additionally, if the throttle's not all the way down, the chain moves slower. The slower it goes, the more likely you'll get snagged on one of these jerkoffs' tattered Pink Floyd t-shirts an just end up pullin' them to you rather than tearin' through 'em, which I shouldn't have to tell you, is bad news. Naturally, you'd assume that if you're goin' one on one you'd want the 2-hander, but that's not necessarily the, case cause in that scenario, if you get into trouble you can always hurl your off-hand saw at the guy an get the drop on 'im while he's crappin' 'imself tryin' to figure out how to deflect the 68 individually sharpened teeth flyin' directly at his left nipple. I guess what I'm tryin' to say is, it's all really just a matter of personal preference, an there really is no exact science to it. I just wanted to throw out a few scenarios and recommendations of my own to kinda give you a basic sense of what can happen in a chainsaw fight if you're one of those people who've never been in one. I'd also recommend consultin' a reputable dealer for additional advice before makin' any financial commitments. But whatever you do, don't set foot inside a Homelite retailer. Homelites are the joke of the loggin' world due to their tendency to quit more often than Sarah Palin when you need 'em the most. Husqvarna, Stihl, or McCulloch. Otherwise, you may as well kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

The movie begins with an openin' narration about the events of the first movie to save a few bucks worth of film instead of just usin' the standard Friday the 13th die-light real of all the historical mayhem, til we finally see these two yuppie jerkoffs drivin' down the highway shootin' holes in people's mailboxes an completely destroyin' their chances of ever winnin' the Publisher's Clearin' House sweepstakes. Then they pull out their car phone an call up this radio request line to see if it's possible for someone (the DJ, Stretch) to actually die from prolonged exposure to douchebaggery an decide to play chicken with this Chevy C-10 an end up runnin' it off the road like Joe Arpaio tryin' to get to McDonald's before they stop servin' Egg McMuffins. Later on that evenin', these same well-to-douches call up Stretch again to tie up the request line some more til the Chevy they crossed earlier shows up an drives along side 'em in reverse an they end up shootin' this dessicated dummy that Leatherface is usin' to demonstrate proper hokey pokey technique in the bed of the truck. Leatherface is P.O.'d, so he pulls out his tool box an goes straight for ole McCulloch an gives both the Mercedes an the driver a sunroof til the car crashes into a herd of Javelina hogs crossin' the freeway an finishes off the passenger. The next day, Dennis Hopper's checkin' out the wreck til this asshole that looks like he aughta be sellin' cattle insurance door to door shows up an tells Dennis he's real sorry about his brother's kids gettin' sawed up 14 years before, but not sorry enough to try figurin' out exactly how many pounds of cocaine somebody'd have to do before sawin' their own head off drivin' down the highway, an therefore, the wreck musta just be an accident. Then he threatens to have Dennis banned from attendin' the Red River Showdown if he tries makin' somethin' outta this an Dennis gets this look on his face like he's decidin' whether to beat the guy to death with a tire iron or just roll his head up in the window an drive off. The next day, the story shows up in the Dallas Times Herald an Stretch drives over to Dennis' hotel room an tells 'im she's got the whole thing on tape, only Dennis ends up runnin' 'er off an tellin' 'er to make an appointment cause right now he's havin' an important board meetin' with councilors Beam an Daniels. Then Stretch goes over to the Texas chili championships an once she's got on 'er protective gas mask she sits down next to 'er producer (L.G.) an starts inspectin' the log cabin he's constructed outta crinkle fries for buildin' code violations.

But about that time the judges announce the winner of the contest, which turns out to be Drayton "the Cook" Sawyer who tells the crowd that the secret to a perfect bowl of chili is all in the meat, an that he's spent the better part of his life pursuin' the best cuts available through his own private channels an although they may elude 'im for a time, he always delves deeply into the heart of the matter until he can provide his customers with that tasty little slice of life they've come to expect from his B-B-Q vittles. Meanwhile, Dennis heads over to the local saw shop to pick up a few Stihl brand insurance policies an proceeds to go apeshit on a log out front to make sure they've got enough power to cause permanent Parkinson's-like hand tremors just in case Ted Cruz shows up an he has to saw through one of the thickest skulls known to man. Then he heads over to the radio station an blatantly abuses his relationship with the DJ to request that she play the episode of Stihl Glories of the Dieway Patrol once an hour to try an get the story out on the airwaves. So she does, an even though the radio patrons don't hate it quite as much as that Run-D.M.C. jungle warfare the station's been playin' lately, they still hate it whole lot. Only that's the least of 'er problems, cause about the time it starts playin' somebody calls up Drayton on the B-B-Q hotline he's got in his mobile slaughterhouse an tells 'im to switch over from Shit Kicker Central to The House of Hairband on the FM dial an Drayton gets this look on his face like somebody just ran his Roger Staubach autographed pigskin through the roast beef slicer. Back at the station, L.G. tells Stretch about how his mama called up an told 'im to cut 'imself a switch an stop by 'er house on the way home for playin' that tape on the air an she tells 'im not to worry about it cause it's not like the listenin' audience doesn't get P.O.'d anytime they sneak a Milli Vanilli single in between Alice Cooper an Metallica, anyway, an L.G. takes off. Then Stretch hears a noise like a coupla armadillos fightin' inside a Hefty bag fulla beer cans an finds this guy (Chop Top) wearin' a Ringo Starr wig who keeps heatin' up a coat hanger with a Bic lighter an usin' it to flambe his lobotomy scar, sortin' through the albums lookin' for a decent LP copy of Arkey Blue's greatest hits. She tries gettin' 'im outta there, only he takes the hint like a telemarketer with Asperger's syndrome an pretty quick Leatherface comes chargin' outta the record vault an accidentally hits Chop Top with the buzzsaw batterin' ram an leaves a big dent in the aluminum turkey pan that's buried in his head where his skull used to be an chases 'er upstairs into the radio station panic room where she slams the door on 'im like a Jehovah's Witness while Chop Top laments the loss of his Sonny Bono wig.

But about that time, L.G. comes back an finds Chop Top reorganizin' the records into chronological order so nobody'll ever be able to find anything til Leatherface comes outta nowhere an sends L.G. head over shit-kickers an Chop Top proceeds to bludgeon 'im with a claw hammer like an obsessive compulsive carpenter workin' over Doug Bradley. Then Leatherface goes back after Stretch an finally gets through the door an starts sawin' up a trough fulla A&Ws before she decides to try psychoanalyzin' his murderya buzzsawgotcha lobe to get 'im more confused than the ICP watchin' a demonstration on the effects of magnetic attraction til he calms down an starts thrustin' his saw at 'er an makin' like he's gonna give 'er a Poulanoscopy. Course, now he's got a hard on for 'er, an so he goes over to 'er desk an whips 'er flair back an forth til the place looks like Octomom left 'er kids unattended for about three minutes an he an Chop Top drag L.G.'s Kentucky fried keister outta there while Stretch cowers upstairs like a brain-damaged chihuahua. Naturally, she gets in 'er car an starts followin' 'em to make sure Leatherface isn't makin' lewd chainsaw gestures to any other girls an they end up drivin' out to this 'Murica Land lookin' amusement park where they've got all kinda statues of famous southerners like Colonel Sanders an David Duke propped up like titties in a torpedo bra. Then another car starts comin' up on 'er rear an she starts runnin' like Marilyn Burns' stockin' after Gunner Hansen chased 'er through that briar patch in the first movie, til the car stops an Dennis hoppers out tryin' to calm 'er down, only Satan opens up a trap door to Hell underneath 'er an she goes roll, roll, rollin' down the hole like Thorin & Company escapin' from the Wood Elves. Dennis is P.O.'d, so he goes back to his trunk an grabs his 2-hander with the 36" bar an extended sweet spot, kicks the front door in, an starts goin' apeshit on the support beams while screamin' about givin' the devil his due an threatenin' to turn 'im into a mangled heapa Stihletto peels once he gets ahold of 'im. Elsewhere, Stretch wakes up in the heap of greasy gristle meat that Drayton just kinda lets pile up til he's got enough to sell to Oscar Meyer, an about that time Leatherface comes in an starts slicin' up L.G.'s face til he looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein, an starts lookin' for some mustard to go on his open faced sandwich.

Unfortunately, Stretch knocks over a jar fulla teeth that the clan was plannin' to put inside some maracas so they could sell 'em to the local mariachi bands, an Leatherface comes over an starts pettin' 'er like he's thinkin' about stylin' 'er hair into a kinky summer do. Then he starts to get a little sick lookin' at 'er mascara runnin' down into 'er cutoffs, an so he sticks L.G.'s face on 'er an stands 'er up so they can do the Lambada til the roof starts cavin' in an he has to tie 'er up like a dog that won't quit jumpin' the fence an impregnatin' all the neighborhood bitches an go see what in the name of Ed Gein's gangrenous graveyard gooified gabardines is goin' on. But about that time L.G. sits up like the Undertaker after gettin' his second wind an cuts 'er loose before floppin' back down in the hot dog meat an callin' it a day. Then Stretch sneaks outta mold storage an listens to Drayton browbeat Leatherface about his complete lack of business sense an inability to distinguish his own ass from the face he grave robbed an sawed offa L. Ron Hubbard til their 1000 gallon propane tank crashes through the ceilin' like President Taft's bathtub an they all just kinda stand there lookin' at each other like their hired stripper performed a high kick an they saw a testicle hangin' outta either side of 'er thong, as Stretch runs right through the middle of their cannibal cave. Meanwhile, Dennis's up above in the tunnels hamstringin' their hamdinger operation til he comes across this corpse in a wheel chair, recognizes it as his his handicapped nephew from the first movie, an finally snaps like Charlie Sheen after sittin' down an actually watchin' an episode of 3 and a Half Men. A short distance away, Stretch is runnin' through these tunnels that look like a roller disco designed by Marilyn Manson, til Leatherface heads 'er off an she hasta start explainin' to 'im that if he's gonna keep Riverdancin' around with his chainsaw up in the air like Link anytime he finds a chunka triforce that she's gonna start seein' other people. Then Drayton an Chop Top show up an Drayton tries explainin' to 'im how women just get in the way an that sex is all just a big scam concocted by women to simultaneously drain a man's baby formula an his bank account an when Leatherface still refuses to hammer 'er with anything but his ball 'n peen, Drayton has to club 'er like a Neanderthal babe so they can drag 'er back to the cave while threatenin' to tell Grandpa about what a big sissy he's turned out to be. Shortly thereafter, Stretch wakes up tied to a chair in the dinin' room lookin' at who's on the menu for the evenin' an just like that, everything's come full circle. Will end it here so as to not spoil the spectacular showdown between Dennis Hopper an the loony toonies.

Alright, despite being a major departure from the dark, atmospheric marvel that the original was, this first sequel is every bit as sublime as the first movie, only as a horror/comedy rather than a straight horror film. In that sense, it's just as well that Tobe Hooper opted to go this route with a sequel, because there's nothing he could have possibly done to top the original. That said, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 may very well be the greatest horror/comedy ever made, which would be quite a feat for one man to direct both the greatest straight horror title, as well as the best horror/comedy. In my opinion, this one strikes the perfect balance between the two, with the family still being extremely vicious and volatile, but also expanding on some of the amusing elements of the first movie into legitimate comedy. In particular, Jim Siedow's dialog. Siedow gets all the best lines in this one, and you can see that some of them aren't all that far removed from the original, particularly the insults he hurls at his two accomplices. Of course, they're cranked up to 11 now, but they're all hilarious while still being plausible as something the character would actually say. I also really liked the fact that they brought back the Hitchhiker character (Nubbins) in corpse form. It brings into existence both a morbid sense of amusement as well as a previously untouched upon notion of family loyalty that wasn't really a factor in the first movie. The fact that it's got a 5.5 on the IMDB is an atrocity, though I can at least fathom why in this instance. The original was so good, while being deathly serious, that I'd imagine many fans probably lost their shit when they saw these iconic characters crackin' hemorrhoid jokes and air humping with a chainsaw. I think they're wrong, of course, but I can at least understand why they feel the way they do. And yet, look at the general consensus on Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. It went back to being heavily serious and people hate it. Though part of that can be attributed to the MPAA doing more slashing than Leatherface. I like part III well enough, but I'm completely in the minority there. So what do people want then? Hating both parts 2 and 3 makes no sense to me. But anyway, Part 2 also had several scenes hacked out of it (they appear on the MGM Gruesome Edition DVD) that I actually feel were good cuts, because I believe those particular scenes would have sent it over the comedic edge and screwed it up. Even the Joe Bob Briggs scene that was originally scissored out, much as I like Joe Bob, was way over the top, though watching it as an extra on the DVD was hilarious. Dunno what else I can say about it to try convincing any nonbelievers, but I've yet to see a horror/comedy that can beat it, and it's not as though there aren't any serious contenders out there. Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Basket Case, all fantastic. But I think TCM 2 is still the king of the horror/comedy.

Well then, lets chop the top on this thing an pick its brain. The plot is great, despite being just a continuation and expansion on the plot from the original movie, with some new characters added. Bonus points for Dennis Hopper seeking vengeance upon the perpetrators from the original movie, as well as tying his character in with Sally and Franklin from the original. But in general, we've essentially got more of the same with the expansion on the food service angle. Great fun, though it's a plotline that's certainly been used before in movies like Motel Hell, which is itself a parody of movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Short of the special effects, the acting is probably the high point of the movie. Despite Gunnar Hansen and Ed Neil not returning, Jim Siedow steals the show with his flawless execution of some seriously hilarious and bumpkinized dialog. Bill Moseley is also highly entertaining as the brain scrambled Chop Top character that was apparently in Vietnam during the events of the first movie, and Caroline Williams is also damn good as the screaming damsel in distress who's havin' a hard time gettin' used to the idea that Leatherface has a crush on 'er. And of course, you've also got Dennis Hopper playing Dennis Hopper which is where he's at his best. Hopper, prior to his death, actually said this was the worst movie he's ever been in, which kinda makes me wonder if he ever got to see Firestarter 2, Meet the Deedles, Space Truckers, or Super Mario Brothers, but I suppose he's entitled to his opinion. Lou Perryman is pretty good as L.G. as well. Here's who matters and why, considering that Hopper and Moseley should need no introduction for anybody that'd read this kinda review; Caroline Williams (Seed 2, Hatchet III, Monsterpiece Theatre Volume 1, The Unleashed, The Profane, Exhibit, Contracted, Abolition, Sebastian, Halloween II 2009, Leprechaun 3, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Stepfather II), Jim Siedow (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Bill Johnson (Lucid, Jon, Supernatural Activity, Butcher Boys, Confessions of a Serial Killer, Future Kill), James N. Harrell (Race with the Devil, Don't Open the Door!, Encounter with the Unknown), Lou Perryman (The Cellar, Poltergeist), Kinky Friedman (Zombex, The Being). I better not have to explain to anybody who Joe Bob Briggs is by now. Despite having his scene deleted, it's still a fun one.

The special effects are the high point. Tom Savini does them as well, or better than anybody else. The only silly one I saw, though I get the impression it was silly on purpose, was near the beginning of the movie where Leatherface and Chop Top're backwards drag racin' the yuppies down the highway an Leatherface takes the upper quadrant of the driver's head off. Pretty silly from the backside, particularly the way they've got the blood spurting out from three or four tubes simultaneously. Everything else is great though, the bludgeoning, rib cage hacking, and deconstructive facial surgery on Lou Perryman are all things of beauty. Plus you've got a load of guts or meat pourin' out of a wall, the make up jobs on Billy Moseley and particularly Grandpa, the dessicated bodies of Franklin and Grandma, and of course, the results of the chainsaw duel between Leatherface and Hopper that I don't wanna spoil. We're talkin' grade A effects here, possibly Savini's best. The shooting locations are another home run. The set they made for the cannibal clan's home inside the abandoned amusement park is a macabre web of insanity. And even beside that, there's just so much crazy stuff piled up in that place that you can't really take it all in, it genuinely looks like these guys have been doin' what they do in this place for the decade that's elapsed between the two movies, the level of detail is nothing short of amazing. Otherwise, not too much that's real interesting, the radio station, Dennis' hotel room, the chainsaw retailer, and a few decent outdoor shots. They're all small potatoes next to the hideout though, which is fine, as it's one of the best sets I've ever seen from any movie. The soundtrack doesn't disappoint either, Tobe Hooper is pretty good at composing for a guy who's supposed to be spending his time in the director's chair (he also did some of the tracks from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as his 1977 movie, Eaten Alive). The tone of the soundtrack matches the tone of the movie to a tee, and perhaps that's due in no small part to the fact that Hooper knew what he wanted to achieve with the movie and was able to make a soundtrack to match. Also working on the track with Hooper was Jerry Lambert who worked on: Jason X, Wishmaster, House IV, and DeepStar Six, so he's no slouch either. It's a pretty manic soundtrack at times, but still very atmospheric, creepy, and the music always manages to align with what's happening in the scene and never feels out of place or overused. It's a real treat. Overall, as previously mentioned, it's my favorite horror/comedy of all time. Has just the right balance of both, and succeeds where nearly all movies of its type fail; a classic. Easily recommended even blind for any horror fan, check it out.

Rating: 92%